We are excited to unveil the new look and feel of Innovasea. This fresh look is so much more than a new logo. It is an affirmation of our commitment to enabling the sustainable use of our ocean and freshwater ecosystems with the passion and dedication to excellence in product and service that we are known for.

Over the last several months Innovasea’s capabilities and offerings have grown dramatically as we’ve welcomed several industry and technology leaders to the Innovasea family.

With our expanded capabilities we can now provide you with a complete solution for your aquaculture, fisheries management and research needs.

Our complete turnkey aquaculture solutions, from site selection to harvest, are backed by 25 years of open ocean experience. We provide smart scalable open ocean systems to support all growth stages of an aquaculture operation. This includes submerged pens, feeding equipment, land based recirculating aquaculture systems, and real time environmental monitoring.

For fisheries research and management, our suite of acoustic telemetry tools are used worldwide in every aquatic environment to study the movement and behaviour of aquatic animals. Sensors on fish can be used to monitor depth, temperature, activity and predation events and reported in real time.

This is just the beginning. Our combined resources set the stage for even more cutting-edge breakthroughs: more precise, comprehensive data and environmentally sustainable systems.

We look forward to working with you.

David Kelly
CEO, Innovasea

Having trouble finding what you need? Email hello@innovasea.com and our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to help you.